Business Facilities

Business Travellers at Southampton Airport can find details of the Southampton Airport's business facilities in this helpful business traveller guide.

Southampton Airport Business Facilities ...

Southampton Airport lounges and business centres aren't yet available, however there is an on-site conference centre and off-site meeting rooms available, and the airport is connected to both fixed and wireless Internet access.

  • BAA Southampton Lounges
  • Conference Centre & Meeting Rooms
  • Fixed & Wireless Internet Access

Southampton Airport Lounges ...

BAA Lounges

The BAA Southampton lounges are Southampton Airport are those operated by British Airways and Flybe.
Passengers travelling with British Airways and are Executive Club Gold or Silver members can use the British Airways Southampton Airport lounge, and there is a lounge offered by Flybe for its economy plus passengers.

Conference Centre & Meeting Rooms ...

The off-site meeting rooms are available to hire via two neighbouring hotels - details listed below.
Alternatively, Southampton Airport can offer an on-site conference centre with a full range of conferencing presentation equipment, available for hire half a day or full.

On-site Conference Centre booking ...
Telephone     + 44 (0) 23 8062 7190

Off-site Meeting Rooms ...
Holiday Inn Southampton     +44 (0) 870 400 9075
Chilworth Manor Hotel     +44 (0) 23 8076 7333

Fixed & Wireless Internet Access...

Wireless Access

Southampton Airport has broadband wireless internet access points throughout the airport, provided by BT Openzone, and The Cloud Networks.
Passengers will need a wireless compatible laptop or handheld computer (Wi-Fi 802.11b) for which connection will be instant to the internet within these wireless hotspots. Most modern computers have a built-in wireless LAN (Local Area Network) card, and many can be upgraded using a wireless networking card.
The airport Internet service works through your usual web browser, optimised for Internet Explorer 5 or Internet Pocket Explorer. Your device should run recent Microsoft Windows software.
How to connect:
Follow these simple steps:

  • Once inside the terminal, turn on your wireless enabled device. Most laptops include Intel Centrino wireless functionality as standard. Other laptops may need a separate card that you can purchase from any major electronics shop. Dixons should be able to help should you need to purchase a card at the airport.
  • Launch your browser and select the preferred wireless network from the icons on the screen when the service is automatically detected. The Cloud Networks can connect you through a growing range of service providers, i.e. O2, Skype for internet telephone calls, and Nintendo for online DS gaming.
  • Enter your normal username and password when prompted to finalise connection.
  • If you do not own an account with one of the Airport service providers, it is possible to sign up securely online, or in advance from their websites.

The fixed Internet access terminals and the wireless internet access can be paid for in many different ways.
For flat batteries, the T-Mobile laptop stations located throughout Southampton Airport, provide power as well as a dedicated work environment, found extremely useful for the busy corporate traveller.

Wireless Internet Provider Details

Wireless Internet Provider Details

Company BT OpenZone
Telephone +44 (0) 870 240 5745

Wireless Internet Provider Details

Company The Cloud
Telephone +44 (0) 870 900 9434

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